Monday, January 14, 2008

Lost & Found

Hola amigos -
I know it's lame to put up old work especially on a first post but I really had to get this ball rolling. Visiting family the last couple of weeks in Dhaka, I've come across a lot of old work that I never scanned, took pictures of or archived. Time for show and tell!

This was done on some down time in Dhaka 5 years ago. My uncle bugged me for a couple of years prior to make him a "painting". I think he was expecting something nicer like some pretty scenery or a tame still life but I guess he never saw any of my previous work;)

Red Dragon(2003), 30" x 20", Acrylic and Pen on some sorta brown board.

Based off of a photograph of 2 really ugly hillbilly brothers standing side by side, I wanted to experiment with a piece that could be rotated and viewed upside down and on its side. An easy excuse for a piece that turned out rubbish and just needs to be flipped or I may have been inspired by a very irritatingly crooked picture frame.

Twins(2002), 30"x20", Chalk on Black Matte Board

A portrait of Wayne from the band Static-X. Hangs in my mum's place in Dhaka.

Static(2001), 16"x16", Charcoal